The Monument Team would not be complete if it was not for our awesome Fellows Program. Former fellows have gone on to work for the Administration, think tanks, Members of Congress, law firms, and more. Our fellows serve an important role as contributors to our work here in the government relations, communications, and public affairs space. We are excited to introduce you to one of our amazing Fall fellows: Jenna Marinstein.

Name: Jenna Marinstein
Degree OBTAINED: B.A. in Government and Sociology

What got you interested in politics?

Growing up, I argued with my parents excessively. My obsessive need to contradict my parents led me to join my high school debate team in 9th grade. Debating not only allowed me to hone my argumentative skills, but it also taught me about issues including educational policy, international relations, and national security. By the middle of high school, I knew I wanted to study political science in college. Two classes I took at Cornell, “Congress and the Legislative Process,” and “Prisons” were particularly impactful. The former revealed I am fascinated with political processes and the latter sparked a passion for criminal justice reform. My summer 2016 internship was particularly formative in shaping my political inclinations. Working for the in-house lobbyist at a company headquartered in Pittsburgh, solidified my plans to move to DC after graduation and pursue politics.

What is your favorite Monument in Washington D.C.?

The Lincoln Memorial is by far my favorite. The first time I visited, I was overcome with the statue as well as with the transcript of the Gettysburg Address and second inaugural speech. The Memorial is also something I’ve shared with close friends and family members, and visiting always evokes those memories.

If you could check one thing off your bucket list what would it be?

I love travelling and want to visit every continent/region in the world. So far, I’ve lived in North America and traveled to the Middle East, Central America, and Europe. I am particularly excited to visit Antarctica and meet my favorite animal—penguins!

What does true leadership mean to you?

True leaders are confident but know their limitations and seek out advice accordingly. True leaders prioritize diversity in thought and background and strive to maximize quality and equality in their workforce. True leaders are motivated to execute their role effectively, honorably, and humbly. True leaders inspire admiration, not apprehension or fear.

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?

The signing of the 19th Amendment.